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R5 Construction has become one of the most respected roofing companies in South Indianapolis, IN. We have thousands of satisfied customers—both residential and commercial throughout South Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas. For the years we have been serving South Indianapolis, IN customers, we have managed to meet and exceed all the expectations of our customers—thanks to the dedication and commitment of our professional roofing contractors.

Our roofing contractors are very experienced in installing, replacing, maintaining, and inspecting both commercial and residential roofs. That means they are more than prepared to handle your roof installation, repair, replacement, or inspection project. When you choose us to take care of your roofing needs, you can trust the team at R5 Construction to do professional work, and at a fair price. Besides, hiring us will give you confidence and peace of mind you need during a roofing project.

All our roofing contractors work under a very simple policy—they treat every house they work on as if it was their own. This is something we encourage—and we shall continue doing so, as long as we are in operation. You can rely on the team at R5 Construction to offer professional roofing services within a reasonable time frame with remarkable results, and at a reasonable cost.

At R5 Construction, we are your best choice for all your South Indianapolis, IN roofing needs. Whether it’s a simple renovation project or a major roof installation or replacement project, choose a team that’s committed to meet your expectations. When you give us a vision for your South Indianapolis, IN home, we shall make it a reality!

South Indianapolis, IN residential roofing services

When it comes to South Indianapolis, IN residential roofing services, you need to get one thing correct—choosing a reputable roofing company like R5 Construction. Choosing us to work on your residential roofs means you will get professional roofing services. Our commitment to training our roofing contractors, providing quality services, as well as acquiring the necessary certification is what has made us become the leading roofing company in South Indianapolis, IN.

At R5 Construction, all our services are based on integrity, commitment, and teamwork. Some of our residential roofing services include the installation of different roofing shingles, including composite, wood, metal, tile, as well as other roofing systems. We also offer the following services in addition to that:
  • Detecting and repairing roof leaks
  • Regular roof inspection and maintenance
  • Skylight installation
  • Emergency roof repairs

Visit our website today, and schedule an appointment with one of our professional roofing contractors.

South Indianapolis, IN commercial roofing services

Are you searching for reliable commercial roofing services in South Indianapolis, IN? Well, look no further. R5 Construction has been providing commercial roofing services in South Indianapolis, IN for years. Our commercial roofing services factor in several factors that are overlooked by residential roofing services. Besides, we have experienced commercial roofing contractors, who can handle different types of commercial roofs. Besides, they have the needed expertise to create a durable and reliable commercial roof.

Our South Indianapolis, IN commercial roofing services include:

  • Preventive roof maintenance programs
  • Emergency roof repair services
  • Roof modification during HVAC installations or in case of other penetrations
  • Roof installation and replacement
  • Leak detection and repair services

Contact us today for more information about our South Indianapolis, IN commercial roofing services.

South Indianapolis, IN Roof inspections

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire us to come and inspect your residential or commercial roof if you live in South Indianapolis, IN. Your roof requires professional inspection and maintenance at least once or twice every year. A poorly maintained roof can negatively affect the structural integrity of your home and this presents a serious threat to the occupants of the building.

Just like the way you hire a professional technician to inspect and service your AC system, you need to let one of our roofing contractors come and inspect your roof. This allows us to determine the condition of your roof, and check whether it’s in a good condition or whether it needs urgent repairs.

The best way to improve the lifespan of your roof is through regular inspections. As said earlier, you should schedule professional roof inspections with us twice every year—during the spring and fall seasons. These are the ideal times for roof inspections before entering into extreme weather conditions, where your roof’s structural integrity can be tested to the limit.

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