History of Norton Shores, MI

The Ojibwe, Bodewadmi and Odawa Native Americans for many years involved the wilds of Western Michigan. At the point when European workers showed up they discovered openings in the backwoods made by the Native Americans, which were utilized to raise food.

Norton Township was initially coordinated in 1845 by pioneers of the town of Mill Point (presently Spring Lake). The municipality was named out of appreciation for Col. Amos Norton, a Canadian loyalist who was ensnared in the insubordination of 1837.

Norton Township was essential for Ottawa County and furthermore incorporated the Townships of Fruitport and Sullivan. In 1855 Spring Lake Township was isolates from Norton and coordinated as a municipality in Ottawa County. Likewise in 1855 the town of Black Lake was settled with a railroad station and a sawmill in Norton Township.[6] Norton Township was isolated from Ottawa County in 1859 and turned into a piece of Muskegon County. The number of inhabitants in Norton Township in 1860 was 197 and in 1864 was 229.

In 1847 the primary sawmill in Norton Township was constructed. It was known as Robinson’s Mill and was situated at the head of Black Lake (presently known as Mona Lake).

Norton Shores, MI

In 1850, Ira Porter showed up at Mona Lake. He worked Porter Sawmill and a natural product ranch. One of the biggest natural product cultivates in Norton Township was worked by G. N. Cobb who likewise worked a container manufacturing plant for a very long time starting in 1869. With the end of the sawmills and the container industrial facility, inhabitants went to raising organic product which turned into an entirely beneficial industry. Boats would enter Lake Harbor and make an excursion around the lake getting boxes of berries at the harbors of the producers. They would then re-visitation of Lake Michigan with their load and move it to enormous liners destined for Chicago.

In 1894 a late spring resort local area called Hackley Park was set up on Lake Michigan and Mona Lake. It was named for Charles Hackley. The name was abbreviated to Hackley when it got a mailing station in 1895, in spite of the fact that the mail center shut in 1897.

On account of the Norton Township Volunteer Fire Department and the collaboration of the Norton Township Board, move was made to consolidate Norton Township into a Home Rule City. A political decision to decide whether Norton Township ought to be consolidated into a Home Rule City passed by a two to one edge and nine sanction chiefs were chosen for draw up the primary City Charter which was received on April 16, 1968.