History of Harrison, OH

Harrison was spread out in 1810, named out of appreciation for William Henry Harrison, an embellished general and state official and a short time later the 10th leader of the United States. It was consolidated in 1850 and turned into a city in 1981.

Harrison Township was set up in 1850, earlier piece of Crosby Township.[citation needed] Among the noteworthy destinations in the city’s region is the Eighteen Mile House, which was worked during the soonest long periods of the nineteenth century.

Harrison was the home of Ohio’s fifth lead representative Othneil Looker.

It was one of only a handful few stops in Ohio on the Whitewater Canal, worked somewhere in the range of 1836 and 1847, which crossed a distance of 76 miles (122 km).

On July 13, 1863, Morgan’s Raiders, a Confederate rangers power, attacked. The segment went through taking new ponies and severing the tie over the Whitewater River close to the southwest piece of the town.

The principal train came to Harrison Township in 1864. In 1882 Harrison Depot was worked at West Broadway and Railroad Avenue. It later caught fire.

Harrison, OH

Harrison Village Park is the last resting place for few veterans of the Revolutionary War. In the focal point of the recreation center is a bandstand, implicit the mid 1930s on the site of a wellspring that had been depleted and filled in. It appears to be numerous youngsters caught instances of impetigo in the wake of expenditure a sweltering summer swimming in the wellspring brimming with untreated water.

In 1940 the canine track in West Harrison shut because of pressing factor from the pony dashing circuit. Monkeys in silk coats had been utilized as racers for the canines. The track had initially opened in 1932, when parimutuel wagering was illicit in Indiana. Nonetheless, during the Depression, heads were turned as the track pulled in income to the region and was one of the most lucrative neighborhood occupations at $12 per week.

Portions of the city were crushed on June 2, 1990, by a F4 twister, yet were rapidly reconstructed. The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute is settled in Harrison.

Harrison is home to the central command of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.