History of Brownsburg, IN

Brownsburg was first gotten comfortable 1824 by James B. Earthy colored. At the point when he showed up, the region was a thick, whole stretch of wild. Delaware Indians lived in what is presently called Lincoln Township, along White Lick Creek, which was then called “Wa-pe-ke-way” or “White Salt”.

After four years, the primary log school building worked in Brown Township. When a stagecoach line was set up along a street worked in 1820 associating with Indianapolis, more pilgrims showed up. William Harris got comfortable the zone north of what is currently Main Street, offering areas of woods to approaching pioneers which gave the town its unique name of Harrisburg in 1835. A mailing station was set up in 1836 under the name of Harrisburg, yet was later changed to Brownsburg since the name Harrisburg was being utilized by a mailing station in another Indiana region.

Brownsburg, IN

Brownsburg significantly increased in size from 1840 to 1870, expanded from six to sixteen sections of land, and added its first church. The town’s first political decision was held in 1848. In 1863, it was partitioned into Brown Township and Lincoln Township.

In 1985, part of the film Hoosiers was shot in the previous College Avenue Gym.