History of Bloomfield, MI

On June 28, 1820, Oakland County was partitioned into two municipalities: Pontiac Township and Bloomfield Township, the last covering the southern piece of the province that would incorporate West Bloomfield Township, Royal Oak and Southfield. What is currently Bloomfield Hills was a cultivating zone until the turn of the twentieth century when affluent Detroit occupants purchased up the land. The settlement turned into a town in 1927, and in 1932 inhabitants casted a ballot to turn into a city to abstain from being fused into developing Birmingham.

Bloomfield Hills is the area of the National Historic Landmark Cranbrook Educational Community and other notable locales recorded on the public register of notable spots.

Bloomfield, MI

In mainstream society, Bloomfield Hills was the setting for the 2005 film The Upside of Anger. In the 2002 film 8 Mile, Eminem makes reference to Cranbrook Kingswood while ridiculing “Doc” since he went to Cranbrook, which isn’t viewed as cool or great in the climate depicted in the film. Bloomfield Hills is the old neighborhood of the comic book character, Trance. A few scenes in Out of Sight with Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney were recorded at a private home in Bloomfield Hills. (In the novel by Elmore Leonard on which the film is based, the most conspicuous road in Bloomfield Hills is portrayed as “Vaughan Road, only cash.”) Jimmy Hoffa was most recently seen at the previous Machus Red Fox eatery in nearby Bloomfield Township. The tale Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake is set in a tuition based school in Bloomfield.